Dr May has a level of compassion that is rare in the health field. Her gentle manipulations have helped with a multitude of ailments, but the one I feel most grateful for is the treatment on my lungs that has improved my asthma. I've cut my medicine by 75%!!! - KM

In February I developed extreme pain in my shoulder. After a series of X-rays and prescriptions by a traditional MD, which did nothing to help the pain, I went to Dr. May and after two weeks of treatment, the pain was entirely alleviated. I must say that I have always felt Dr. May knew exactly what to do and was gentle enough but thorough. I would recommend her care to anyone. - B

Dr. Bonnie used a pain free activator on me and gave me a wonderful gentle massage. My pain left almost instantly. I call her my "Miracle Doctor". Dr Bonnie is a big asset to the people in Colorado. - E

My daughter was up througåhout the night crying in pain from an earache. Dr. Bonnie felt her neck, made a quick, soft gentle adjustment that immediately fixed the problem. My daughter stopped crying, that was truly the moment I decided that I preferred to work with a Chiro rather than a Doc.

My son was born with jaundice. Dr May yet again lent her time, patience and expertise in helping to bring his count back to normal. She will continue to amaze you! - HD

She has definitely guided me on the right path of taking care of myself, Seizing the moment and enjoying life. She is terrific! She has the gentle, healing touch! - TN

I suffered with headaches and low back pain. I went to Dr Bonnie and she really helped me. She provided gentle care and really took her time. She also stressed the importance of good nutrition. I felt my general - DT

Dr Bonnie used gentle care touch on us with great success. I healed quickly. She can work miracles. She treats the whole person not just the pain. - MS

If you have positive experiences from Dr. May and her "Healing Hands" please email us and share your story. bmaydc@hotmail.com


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