Free Seminar: Alternative Healing for Children

No more sick kids, no more fear-based decisions, no more serious side effects to dangerous medications. No more trusting someone else's decision on what is best for your precious child. You can have the tools to take your child's health to maximum potential.

My promise is to empower the parents to KNOW how to take care of kids health issues with confidence and knowing that the first choice in health care must be natural for safety reasons and to teach children where health really comes from, so when they are out on their own in the world they will know how to take care of themselves.

Series of 4 classes on natural healing for children.

Week 1 - Where it begins, mom and pregnancy

Week 2 - Nerves, organs, health comes from within

Week 3 - Chiropractic nutrition and exercise

Week 4 - The mind, energy and learning how to heal

HOW TO: - Learn why your child is sick

- Heal the condition with natural methods

- Know when the Dr. is really needed

- Make safe choices that support health and wholeness

- Be confident with hands on techniques, relaxation and positive powerful suggestive therapy

- Teach children healing comes from within and not from outside sources like pills.


LOCATION: Colorado Springs


Colorado Springs Location: (719) 640-5267 | 525 N. Cascade Ave, #132, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Lakewood Office: (303) 232-1178 | 7610 W 5th Ave, Ste 102, Lakewood, CO 80226